Godaddy: You’ve reached or exceeded your resource limits. (SOLVED)

If you get this error: 508 Resource limit is reached!You’ve reached or exceeded your resource limits. You did a great mistake, when you choose GoDaddy as a hosting provider because they never support you when your website under DDoS attack.Solving is simple;Go to RatelTech Hosting page, buy a hosting package and RatelTech technical service will transfer [...]

550 Error Code in Mail

When someone try to send a mail from gmail to your webmail, if they see this error, there are several causes for this error. 550 Please turn on SMTP Authentication in your mail client. []:44894 is not permitted to relay through this server without authentication.SPF record can be missed or wrong. Add spf record in [...]

IOS 11 – Swift 4 – QR Code & Barcode Reader Example

This is an example code of QR Code & Barcode reader with using IOS 11 and Swift 4.0.To prevent our QR code reader from appearing on the app's main screen, I created "ScannerViewController" class. Also I added a TabBar item to pass that screen. If you want to apply another method to passing, you can [...]

Proven to use the third arm of the human brain

In an experiment conducted by Japanese scientists, there was a third arm where volunteers could control through their brainwaves.In the experiment in which the human brain can use 3 branches at the same time, scientists have been able to control the robot from voluntary participants with their own arms simultaneously. He asked him to [...]

Best WordPress Themes of 2018

1- JevelinLive Preview: www.cebelgesi.coPurchase: EmphatyLive Preview: ve www.emrecandurmaz.comPurchase: MinimableLive Preview:

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